Rancho de Florez is a dedicated horse boarding and training facility located in Casa Grande, Arizona. The services offered include exercising, legging up or vareo, green horse training, stick and ball, off-season lay up and more. Ranch manager Mario Rendon is very knowledgeable about horses conditioning and exercise, bits, nutrition, horse lameness and much more. He has been in polo for over 30 years and horses are his passion. He trains and maintains his own string along with boarding horses under his care. Please email, call or text at 480-201-4530 for any additional information.

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Facilities include:

  • Regulation polo field Caballeros Field.
  • Practice, Stick & Ball field North Field.
  • Exercise tracks around the fields, around other pastures and West lot.
  • Several paddocks.
  • 38 Stalls.
  • Alfalfa crops for hay and pasture for in-house use 16+ acres.
  • Several Bermuda Pastures for hay and grazing. Horses spend time in their natural environment relaxing.
  • 14 Wash rack areas by the field, stall area and palenques.
  • 36′ x 60′ Ramada for BBQ, shade and events.

Daily Routine For Boarding Ponies

Ponies will be either at pasture with other ponies or at the stall by themselves. They are fed twice daily either Bermuda or alfalfa hay based on the season, nutritional requirement, exercise regime and more. Ponies are fed psyllium to improve gut motility and decreased chance of colic. they have mineral blocks in each stable and they are added electrolytes during the summer.  Regular fly control in the stables to decrease number of bugs as much as possible. Ponies are dewormed every 3 to 4 months as needed. For new horses are recommended to be dewormed at least 2 times 2-3 weeks apart.  Horses are vaccinated in a seasonal base and they also are kept with the ones the get along the most to avoid kicking an fighting as much as possible.

Ponies are gather in the early morning and taking out in sets to exercise and keep them in shape. The routine last about 45 minutes and starts by walking 10 minutes, 15 to 20 minutes of trotting and 10 cantering then walking. They get bathe and put back in the stalls, fed and rest for the morning. in the PM the individual work ones and tune-up on the ponies that require more attention. Stick and ball as needed plus schooling. Ponies are fed again look after and doctoring as needed.

Stabling for polo horses in the facility provides easy access to the horses and turnkey operation for the players.  An ex­ercise track around the property and around the field al­lows convenient access to work horses and keep them in optimal conditions.

Trailers during game days should be parked on the North West end of the field. Several wash stations are located on the same area along the North fence and the West fence.

RV hook­ups are also available adjacent to the barns in the back of the property.

Liability Release Form needs to be fill, sign for ALL boarders and riders.

Rancho de Florez Release liability 2020

Full boarding/exercising / month$600.00
Pasture/boarding only / month$350.00 
Feed/grain/supplements – owner provides grains etc.$30.00
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Overnight full Season Sat-Sunday Sept 21, 2019 – April 25, 2020 – per horse during scheduled APC time$400.00
Horse boarding per night stall/pasture$17.50
Green horse work/training/ boarding NOT included$450.00
Riding Lesson$60.00
Polo lessons including horse$125.00
Horse rental for -1 or -2 goal – 0, 1+ goal$80.00 – $100.00
RV hook­ups monthASK BY EMAIL
RV hook­ups nightASK BY EMAIL
Field rental per day$ 2,500.00
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